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Lawn and Grass Greening

Take care of your lawn and garden while taking care of the environment.

The GoGreenly Team pride themselves on completing lawn and garden jobs fast and leave your home or business looking stellar.

Working with all electric tools, we spare you and your neighbours the headache and the unpleasant smells that come with traditional garden tools. Combined with organic weed killer and fertiliser, we keep your property safe for kids and pets.

All electric tools with low noise and no smells

Fair and transparent pricing for everyone

Choosing safe organic alternatives for garden care

We’re locally owned and operating in Perth, Australia


Transparent pricing

Most one-off services are billed at $60 per hour, ‘per gardener with a minimum billing time of 60 minutes . Nice and simple.

What on earth is grass greening?

Grass greening is a flat rate based on the size of the property because consumable resources are required.

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Need us to do a job?

GoGreenly are your garden experts. Get boots on the ground to sort out your garden. Book our team today.

Want to keep your carbon footprint low? We’ll arrive ready to get your commercial or residential garden looking like a treat using natural products and eco-friendly tools.

Get exactly what you need from our range of specialised lawn and garden services. GoGreenly are your garden experts.

Let us know which jobs you want handled and we’ll send our team out.

We deliver industry-leading lawn care and garden transformations to both commercial and residential clients at standardised and fully transparent prices.

Built on strong values of excellence, expertise, transparency, and satisfaction, we’re driven to deliver great gardens that delight our customers. Best of all we’re environmentally friendly, plus our prices are transparent so you know you’re paying the same as someone for a similar job.